Jul. 26th, 2011

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Well. Mostly. Toiletries, pillows, they wait until tomorrow before work.

Hubby and I are all packed up for the wedding weekend up in Mackinac Island. I'm excited, though its gonna be TIGHT getting there. We don't have much squirrled away, but then, its not like we're not used to tight $ situations...

IF ONLY THEY'D HAD THE WEDDING IN ANOTHER STATE. Then I coulda said "Sorry, can't come, blah blah"

But noooo. Had to be in MI. Where I live. Well, where all the family lives. BAH.

I mean, I coulda said no anyway--my cousin, Joel, and I, we are not close. No one on my mom's side of the family is really close. Odd, but meh.

Anyway. WE're going, we've got the outfits, we've got enough to get by until my paycheck next week (yay), so all is well.

After work tomorrow I'm driving the loaded up PT Cruiser to the Farm, we're going to pick up some firewood (yay free wood!) the camp chairs, possibly some charcoal, and then sleep. Wake up SUPER early on Thursday morning and head on out.

Hubby may be picking up our camping groceries w/ his dad after work tomorrow, since he's just going straight there. If so, we're freezing ALL the meat, in addition to packing the cooler w/ ice packs and ice. Hubby's idea. Never would have occurred to me. Smart man! we'll pick up a half gallon of milk once we get up there--best not to risk it right?

(I know you can freeze milk but XP)

And then we have a blessed TWO DAYS before the wedding. Well. Technically a day and a half, but we're leaving so early, Thursday will be like a full day of nothing. Well, besides setting up the cabin. Which, I found out, HAS POWER YAY. But we agreed no laptops, boo. But power= Sister can do my haaaair yeaaaaaaah. *dances*

Sooooo, I will not have internet access again until Sunday night. Well, limited FB access, but blech, FB, DNW.


Feel free to leave anything you'd like in the comments, except for hate male, or creepy porn or stuff like that. =)


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