Nov. 3rd, 2011


Nov. 3rd, 2011 08:54 am
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Hi! So there's stuff going on in my life! Here's the first one:

Hubby and I are talking about searching Out of State for jobs. North Dakota is hiring for, like, fucking thousands of jobs. They need people.

I'm thinking that applying for a few jobs can't hurt, right? But hubby and I are talking it over first, before we do anything concrete.

To live in the land of Fargo. LOL. I'd have to get a different car--no *way* the Camino could make that trip. No way.

We'll be looking in other states out that way as well. Anything to get a decent paying job, right? We can't *really* afford to move, but I suppose if we do it like Jackie and Phil did (Phil got a job out there, scoped out an apartment, saved money, and when they had enough save, Jackie moved out to join him) we could probably wing it. Just drive everything out there. Or just sell all the big shit and use that money to move and get new (as in, *lighter*) furniture.

I'm not all too crazy about that idea tbh. But its an idea.

I mean, this is still in the discussion stage. Any suggestions on where *not* to look?

At this point, weather doesn't really freak me out to much. I can adapt. It will SUCK, depending on the climate, but I could adapt.

And hell, if any  job I get has benefits (one of them I'm looking at in ND does--hell, MOST if not ALL of them are FULL TIME w/ Benefits.) then I could afford the *doctors* visit to help adapt, if needed.

I've also applied for jobs here in Michigan (always) and I got a call back for two of them so far! One of them sounds like a scam (door to door sales of *natural gas*? Yeaaaaaah  no.) and the other sounds like a solid job (credit collections. =/ not a happy job, but damn, its full time and has benefits). The Credit collections job wants me for an interview asap. I will be calling later today. Yay. Wish  me luck!

Justin's meds are being wonky (he thinks). I've noticed he's a touch moodier than normal, but the doctor said that would happen from time to time. The meds don't stop him from having ups and downs, just how severe they get. This is still nowhere near the level of bad it used to get. Here's hoping the meds aren't starting to fizz out. That would suck. XP

Aaaand...that's it, really. Yay.


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