Aug. 24th, 2011 04:38 pm
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Ooooh, I think my boss is upset with me.... ^^;

I sent her time off request on Aug 5th and never got a reply back. She then went on vacation. I debated waiting until she got back to double check or sending an e-mail to TM(supervisor or whatever) and/or PK.

I decided to err on the side of caution and send an e-mail to TM. She said she'd have to double check. I told her about sending KM (my boss) an e-mail about it on Aug 5th, and receiving no reply.

She said she'd "look into it"

that was on...idk, the 15th?

Its now the 24th.

On the 22nd, KM sent me an e-mail that read like this:


I heard there was an issue with this request. Miriam--it's been on my calendar since I got your email. As previously discussed, I don't usually respond to schedule requests unless there is an issue. You can check your sent mail, and if I've opened it and didn't reply, you're good to go!

TM & PK--this email is in my Aides schedule request folder on groupwise, which you both have access to. Miriam is also marked off on the scheduling calendar, which I left right by my phone, as I said I would.



I called off today( BEFORE I opened that e-mail) Because I just *hurt*. Everwhere. thanks to the garage swamp out yesterday.

What do I do? Now that she's brought it up, I get the vague impression that we *have* had a conversation about requests, and how she doesn't respond unless there's an issue.

I'm "sick" (i.e--in so much pain it hurts to moooove, even to move my arms, seriously, oh god ow) so do I send her (and PK and TM) an e-mail going "Oh, y'know, I totally forgot about that convo, you're right, my bad, no big deal, sorry I brought it up?" RIGHT AWAY-- Or do I wait until I see her in person?

I've got a pretty good feeling that my boss doesn't like me *anyway*, and this is a black mark against me. What would be the best way to handle this? My asking about the request wasn't meant to cause HER any issues--but I was worried, b/c on that day I have a doc. appointment, and I wasn't able to schedule around a day I work, and its either I go THAT day, or I make another appointment a MONTH from then.

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