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[Error: unknown template qotd]Ok, so LJ ate my post. I don't know why. So here we go--another crack at it.

I know most people are saying hunger or poverty or lack of healthcare. But I really think those are symptoms of an even bigger underlying problem: Greed. Hard to grasp, right? But think about it--Greed is a huge problem in the world. It runs rampant. Greed is (one of) the reasons there have been so many revolutions, so much public outcry around the world. Because those who have, have way too much, and those that don't, are tired of it.

If Greed were to cease to exist, then the question of a living wage wouldn't be a question, it'd be a basic given right. The question of healthcare wouldn't be a question at all--it'd be a basic given right. The question of "Is there enough food in the world" wouldn't be a problem because access to food would be a basic, given right. People would only take what they need.

I'm sure you've seen those ads, here in the United States, about how we throw out about 1/4 or 1/3 or something of our food because it spoils. Could you imagine a world where nothing spoiled, because everyone had enough to eat, and no one let anything go to waste? Mind boggling, right? But if Greed didn't exist, then probably the food shortage problem wouldn't exist.

Can you see where I'm going with this?

But how do we eliminate greed? Its such an elusive thing to combat, right? Even harder than poverty, etc, because its something that each person in the world has to battle. I think the solution is in our children. I know it's been overused, but the phrase "The Children Are Our Future" has never been more true.

I think we (society, the world as a whole) need to take a good long look at how we raise our kids. I don't know how it is in other countries, but given the problems around the world, I think maybe its the same as in the US. More and more I see parents who are afraid to discipline their children. So afraid that instead of demanding that their kids act live civil human beings who care about their fellow man, parents have resorted to asking. And I'm not talking about a parent having to ask a teen or a grown adult to--well, act their age.

I'm talking about parents who sit on the playground and watch their kids start to exhibit bullying, selfish, greedy behavior. Or even at home, between siblings. Instead of nipping that behavior in the bud with a stern and direct action, the kids get half assed questions and requests to "Remember that we don't do that, Jason? Jessica, you know we share in this house?" Asking their kids to behave.Instead of saying to little Jason or Jessica "If you do not stop that behavior this instant, we are leaving/you aren't getting anything today/you're grounded."

Its my firm belief that this misguided attempt to be the friend early on (and I've noticed that this seems to run rampant more among married/commited "mother" figures than it does commited/married "father" figures. Or single parents.) with their children, society has instead created generation after generation of generally greedy people.

This time of year, people give a lot of lip service to doing charitable things. "Peace on earth, Goodwill toward man."

I'm sorry, but I think its a farce. Notice that big corporations who make billions of dollars--they have to have a tax incentive to donate any money. Hell--even your normal every day citizen can get a tax right off for donating a bag of clothes to the goodwill/salvation army. Or donating a car to Mother Wattles (or other Donate Your Clunker Here organizations). And most people take it. I know I do!

We've even had to (here, in the United States) insist that, as a graduation requirement, children are required to do a certain number of community service hours. Why is that required? Why isn't that something that kids are happy to do? Why do we have to force them to it? Seriously?

And I'm not saying that I'm perfect! Lord knows I have done my share of selfish and greedy things. I'm not proud of it. But I am owning up to it. Which I think is the first step to change. And should I ever have/adopt/end up the guardian of/end up a role model for any children, ever (like my nieces and nephews, for example), I will try my best to instill a basic respect for every human being.

Its the least I can do--and I plan to do more.

I'm going to be alone this christmas--I plan on volunteering at a soup kitchen, if I can. And that's *still* the least I can do. But its a step, right? I'm not so delusional that I think that my opinion is gonna be the start of a huge revolution, or anything. I don't think that my realization that I'm a greedy person, and my need to change that, is going to suddenly rid the world of greed, ok?

But you asked. "If you could solve one problem in the world, what would it be?" And I answered.

Because I really truly believe that if Greed were to cease to exist, the other problems that ultimately stem from it--poverty, hunger, rampant disease, lack of healthcare, etc-- would begin to disappear as well.


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