Nov. 4th, 2008

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I voted early today here in MI. The polling station is just down the street from my house, so I could have walked if I wanted too. And if I hadn't had to go to work right after, then I would have--I had to park on the side of the road, because there weren't any spots. It was fairly easy, and no real drama. Even though the parking lot was packed, I managed to get in line before the morning crowd really hit. Did the whole fill out the voter id card thingamajig, got my ballot~ Which, I was surprised to find, as different. Turns out that depending on which side of the road you were on, there were like 3 different ballots. O_o. Oddness.

Everyone was really quiet, and there were a LOT of older people there--though there was a decent turn out of the younger generation. I filled in the little bubbles, as instructed, with the super secret magic marker they have taped/tied to the voting booth~ Obama/Biden, of course, and then some other people for local.

Yay, Carl Levin again, I hope. we shall see.


Michigan had two good proposals on the line. One to make medical marijuana legal, to be used and grown by licensed people, etc (Jobs, hey? I can always hope.)

The other, to expand the use of stemcells in research in Michigan, but only if harvested from clinics who have too many fertilized eggs that they cannot use, and only if they are 12 days into the the cellsplitting stage, or something. Also, they have to be donated, or they're only used if they are going to be destroyed anyway, etc.

Yes to both, and surprisingly, if the chatter I heard around here is correct, anyway (and here this be a mini-bible belt) then a lot of people agreed w/ both. Hm.


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