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Merry Christmas Everyone!


Hope you had a wonderful day.



Dec. 13th, 2010 12:14 am
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We have snow! We have...shit TONS of snow. Like, Holy crap.

Well, ok. Not as much as poor Milwaukee. Heh. But still, almost 8 inches in our first snow here in the apt? Niiice.

Not enough for them to cancel work.

....unless there's a power outage.

I want to go sledding. Or have a snowball fight. Or make a snowman. Or all of the above! =D

Roads were CRAP today. Its like they decided to keep the plows off the road. I don't think they salted. Not even the highways! So freakin' annoying.

Tiiiiired. Bed time!

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My best friend was Cerita H (now Cerita C), and we're still crazy close. Still besties, even though she's out in California now. I miss her so much! =(

We've been BFF's since Freshman year of high school.

Hopefully she'll be coming home for the holidays. ^_^
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Linguistics. I've always had a love of languages, but I've never really had the time/discipline needed to really learn about them. I think I do now though. I would love to get a handle on ancient languages, but there really aren't any jobs in that, and frankly I'd rather it be a loving hobby than get a degree in it and possible ruin my love for it, while earning a "useless" degree. =/

Haha, I guess I secretly wanna be like Indiana Jones.

...or maybe Rupert Giles. Yeah. Giles is more my kind of rolemodel in that, haha. ^____^
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I'd probably bring back Jesus. Not because he's the lord and savior, but to show him the bible, show him his church(es), and ask him if this is what he really had in mind! I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be happy with all the hate.
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Everyone remembers Repo! The Genetic Opera, right? Released by Lionsgate films in 2008
(after an almost 10 year road from club performance, to stage play, to broadway!) had Sarah Brightman in it, is absolutely FANTASTIC, and an Opera to boot. Plus, um YUMMY Graverobber!

Well, looks like its been ripped off! The new film Repo Men, based off a book called "Reposession Mamba" (released in 2009) has so many similarities that there is NO WAY it isn't a ripoff.’s-repo-men-ripped–off-repo-the-genetic-opera-see-for-yourself/

I'm pissed. It looks like a fan liked it so much that he decided to write a book about it, and then decided his book was better and since Repo is relatively unknown, he could make money off it. Grr!

Boycott Repo Men, and the book Reposession Mamba! Spread the word, and tell everyone about this blatant plagiarism!
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Do you like your United States Postal Service? If so, we have a big problem!

In Short: The USPS may close down offices and discontinue certain services in certain areas (it looks like places such as, y'know, places where public transportation is a big thing. So think Flint/Detroit. y'know, POVERTY STRICKEN AREAS WHUT?) and they aren't even telling us! And who would be doing the mail then? Well, that would be our lovely lowest bidding contractors (think tiny versions of UPS/FEDEX/Whathaveyou.)

We have 60 days (yep, two months, 8 weeks!) until this all goes down, with only a 10 day input period from the public--who they are not obligated to inform, btw.

Wanna know more, from a much more informed person than I? Head on over to naamah-darling for all the pertinent links.

Even if you don't like the USPS, and think it should change, well good on ya! But if they're willing to hide something this big from us, what else are they hiding until its to late?

And for what its worth, I happen to think my personal mail is a pretty big fucking deal, TYVM
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So, anyone in the Detroit/Windsor (or just Mi/Canada/Whoever wants to take a road trip) area interested in getting a group together to hit up the Science Center in Trek Glory?


Post here, or my e-mail is available to those who ask. I'll LJMessage it to you, if you want. ^__^

I am completely serious about this. I want a big group to have fun. Plus then you can get discounted tickets, lol!

So, let me know! The only dates during the summer that I know for sure Hubby and I are unavailable for are July 3rd/4th. Anything else is really free.
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Hell no. If they haven't taken a class and had practice, there is no way they should be allowed to just take two tests and get a license. Having grown up in MI, we were fortunate enough to have a Graduated License program. It actually went through before I turned 14, something I hated at the time. But, being older and wise, I know better now.

There were 3 levels of license's: The Learners Permit, The Intermediate permit, and then the Unlimited License.

Learners Permit: You can start the program at 14 and 1/2 years of age. You must take and pass a class that lasts a certain number of hours. After that class, you are issued the learners permit. While you can drive with the LP, you may only do so with a parent or appropriate guardian over the age of 21. You may not have any other passengers. You may not use any cell phones unless it is an emergency. You need to have 30-50 logged hours of driving with your parent/guardian before you can upgrade to the Intermediate license.

You can only drive from 6am to 10pm unaided. Any later, and you must have your parent/guardian in the car. You can have up to 2 passengers in the car with you. Still no cellphones unless it is an emergency. You have to get 30-50 more hours of driving, at least 15 of it night driving w/ your guardian. There are also certain amounts for driving in the rain or snow, but I'm not sure of those.

Once you get all your hours *or* turn 18 (whichever comes first) you can get a drivers licence. Until you are 21 years old, your license will be vertical instead of horizontal.

Seriously, this is something I think all states should have.
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That I am going to do the National Body Challenge. I signed up last night, so today is my first day doing a meal plan, and doing the recomended exercises.

My breakfast:

1 orange, milk, cinnamon peanutbutter english muffin.

It's tasty! Except for the milk, but Ill drink it anyway. You can tweak the food they recommend to you, and choose what kinda diet you want to do...its really cool.

Anyway, I decided to do this because A) I'm tired of my boobs trying to strangle me. B) I'd like to have more energy. C) I am at risk for diabetes. I'd rather not have to deal with that, thanks! lol.

So yes, an 8 week challenge, and by the end of it, I hope to be about 15 to 20 lbs lighter. ^_^
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Wow. My condolences and prayers go out to John Travolta and his family, for the tragic loss of their 16 year old son, Jett.

He was such a young kid! Thats like, the same age as my little sister Rachel. So sad...
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Dear Lj,

Please to be working! I do not need you to be reaking. Thx, Mia
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YES WE CAN! w00t!


...this is freakin' awesome.

And yet somehow, I still can't believe it.

A good friend of mine was crying when I called her last night, she was so happy.

Maybe now, we can have the America that the world used to look to for help, back. Maybe now there won't be anymore snide comments about us.

Congratulations President Obama. And Congrats America. WE FUCKING DID IT!
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I voted early today here in MI. The polling station is just down the street from my house, so I could have walked if I wanted too. And if I hadn't had to go to work right after, then I would have--I had to park on the side of the road, because there weren't any spots. It was fairly easy, and no real drama. Even though the parking lot was packed, I managed to get in line before the morning crowd really hit. Did the whole fill out the voter id card thingamajig, got my ballot~ Which, I was surprised to find, as different. Turns out that depending on which side of the road you were on, there were like 3 different ballots. O_o. Oddness.

Everyone was really quiet, and there were a LOT of older people there--though there was a decent turn out of the younger generation. I filled in the little bubbles, as instructed, with the super secret magic marker they have taped/tied to the voting booth~ Obama/Biden, of course, and then some other people for local.

Yay, Carl Levin again, I hope. we shall see.


Michigan had two good proposals on the line. One to make medical marijuana legal, to be used and grown by licensed people, etc (Jobs, hey? I can always hope.)

The other, to expand the use of stemcells in research in Michigan, but only if harvested from clinics who have too many fertilized eggs that they cannot use, and only if they are 12 days into the the cellsplitting stage, or something. Also, they have to be donated, or they're only used if they are going to be destroyed anyway, etc.

Yes to both, and surprisingly, if the chatter I heard around here is correct, anyway (and here this be a mini-bible belt) then a lot of people agreed w/ both. Hm.
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Dear Everyone on my Flist in the U.S.A

Please to be going and voting this Tuesday. Hopefully for Obama, but really, just go vote.

Thanks much!

~Your Friendly Neighborhood Mia

Yup. That's all I'm gonna say. Be Heard! Don't let someone else speak for you!

Go Vote.

That is all!
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So, my friends, my lovelies! I give you, the gift of awesome song! Its a free download, and FANTASTIC. Ah...I laughed sooo hard.

go to

Its a free download for a song called "Jesus was a democrat"

Go, my pretties! Enjoy!


If you are a conservative, you probably will not like this song. Download at your own risk. ^__^

*~*End Warning *~*
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So maybe about a couple of months ago, the Department of Health and Human Services was drafting a rule that would basically confuse birth control with abortion. There was a huge outcry, and we thought it was over. HA FUCKING HA.

No longer a draft, but a rule! It's in the comment stages now. The delightful namaah_darling said it quite neatly in her blog. There is information on the rule, and some links to go and comment on this rediculous idea.

So, I have written to my Congressman, and I am in the process of writing Obama and I am thinking about writing to McCain, just to be a pain in the butt for him.

Not that he'll read it, but I can hope so.

Seriously. Go. Speak out against this bullshit. I cannot stress enough the importance of everyone writing and calling and being nice but firm in telling them that this will NOT fly!

{Edit the first}

So uh, perhaps I should explain a bit more. The rule that is now being considered that may go into effect in 30 days will allow any healthcare worker to refuse to give a woman an abortion if it is against their religion. They will not even be obligated by law to tell her where she can go to get one, should she need one.

But the wording is so fucking vague, that they could use it to allow pharmacists to refuse to fill my birth control pill prescription, because of their religious morals.

What happens if the pharmacist is the only one in a small town in the middle of bumfuck nowhere? I'd have to try to find one in the next town--and hope to god it doesn't happen to me there, too.

Or what about a woman with an ectopic pregnancy? That's a LIFE THREATENING situation. But still, a doctor could be like "well, you need an abortion, but I won't give you one. Against my religion and all that. Better luck somewhere else." and then walk away. No "go here, see DoccyMcDocDoc on main" or "Lemme Get UberAtheistDoc down here, he can help" required.

Fuck that.

This could so easily be used to make other religious intolerances show up again. What if your E.R doc is a Witness, and he refuses to treat you, by not giving you a blood transfusion (which is against their beliefs) Well, hey you could die but at least their religious morals are safe.

I. Don't. Fucking. Think. So.

You have issues with transfusions or abortions, but you still wanna be a doctor? Then choose to do research, or be a damn podiatrist, or a bone doctor. Fuck, be a god damn dentist for all I care, just DON'T go into fucking emergency medicine or OB/GYN.

If you DO decide to do that, despite the consequences, then go to your priest, or talk to god, and confess or something. Don't take your guilty conscience out on me.

Oh, and for those of you wondering why the edit-- I've gotten a couple of PM's through the LJ system already, bashing me, saying I'm a murderer, etc, and that people should be protected from discrimination, etc...

Look. Discrimination is bad, m'kay? But them getting discriminated against will not be fixed by letting THEM discriminate against women who seek out birth control, or who wish to terminate a pregnancy.

It all goes down to choice people. Just because you did not think your life through while you were in med school, does NOT mean you get to fucking use your religion to keep ME from getting any fucking sort of reproductive health care I may need. Abortion, Birth Control, or otherwise!
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So, lets see, my week and weekend was great! Actually, it starts about last week. Lemme show. ^_^

Thursday: )

Saturday )

Monday )

Hi all

Feb. 24th, 2008 07:32 pm
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So tiiiiiiiiiiired.

And I did nothing important today. Although I did level my Mage up on WoW. That was fun. ^_^

Mainly, just tired because I am feeling mini-depressed. No money=no going out w/ people. And work isn't helping, and Justin hasn't got a clue. No news there.

But, I am slowly working through it. Slowly. I just have to keep my chin up, and meh, so far its working. Kinda.

Ever have one of those days where you feel worthless/hopeless/justplainfreakin'tired? Yeah, that was today.

Hopefully, tomorrow is better. Which'd be good, because I work tomorrow and Tuesday, and I don't wanna kill customers b/c I'm in a bad mood.

Anyway. Um..thats all. Just wanted to let you all know I'm alive.


Feb. 2nd, 2008 05:05 pm
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Today I shall be going through my FList, and trimming off a few dead branches--mostly comms and RP's, and a few other things. If you get deleted, and feel were deleted wrongly, please comment here. ^_^

Have a great day.


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