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Hell no. If they haven't taken a class and had practice, there is no way they should be allowed to just take two tests and get a license. Having grown up in MI, we were fortunate enough to have a Graduated License program. It actually went through before I turned 14, something I hated at the time. But, being older and wise, I know better now.

There were 3 levels of license's: The Learners Permit, The Intermediate permit, and then the Unlimited License.

Learners Permit: You can start the program at 14 and 1/2 years of age. You must take and pass a class that lasts a certain number of hours. After that class, you are issued the learners permit. While you can drive with the LP, you may only do so with a parent or appropriate guardian over the age of 21. You may not have any other passengers. You may not use any cell phones unless it is an emergency. You need to have 30-50 logged hours of driving with your parent/guardian before you can upgrade to the Intermediate license.

You can only drive from 6am to 10pm unaided. Any later, and you must have your parent/guardian in the car. You can have up to 2 passengers in the car with you. Still no cellphones unless it is an emergency. You have to get 30-50 more hours of driving, at least 15 of it night driving w/ your guardian. There are also certain amounts for driving in the rain or snow, but I'm not sure of those.

Once you get all your hours *or* turn 18 (whichever comes first) you can get a drivers licence. Until you are 21 years old, your license will be vertical instead of horizontal.

Seriously, this is something I think all states should have.


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